We're building a home for information that's useful to the Web community, like specifications, namespaces and schemas. Links to pages on this server should never break and the data should never go away.

Current Collection

Steal this site! Get this site in tgz or CVS and join our global mirror network. All you need is a web server that supports content-negotiation (like Apache). Once you've got it up, drop us a line and we'll add you to our mirror list.

Add to the collection. Think you've got something that would be of interest to the web community? Talk to our curator.


Breaking links is more than a minor annoyance, it's socially rude and makes the Web less useful. Especially in the emerging Semantic Web, there's a strong need for pages that won't disappear. Persistent addresses are necessary for XML namespaces, RDF schemas and other systems that use URIs as global identifiers. By building a bit of the Web that's dedicated to maintaining resources over a long time, we'll be providing a useful function. Furthermore, we'll write up what we learned so that other sites can follow our lead and create things that are built to last.


We'll be making the data available in every way we can, and encouraging people to mirror it around the world. Then we'll set up a distributed DNS system so that if any one server goes down, your browser will try and get it from another. If you have experience in building systems like these, let us know.


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