RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0

Official Specification

The RSS 1.0 specification was released on 2000-12-06.

It was published along with guidelines for the design of RSS Modules so that RSS can be easily extended.


The URI http://purl.org/rss/1.0/modules/ can be used to represent the class of RSS modules.

The following modules are official modules of the RSS-DEV working group:

In addition there are a number of proposed modules.


RSS has an RDF Schema available. A copy is also embedded in this document.

Leigh Dodds has created a Schematron Schema and validator for RSS 1.0

More Information

Development and discussion of RSS takes place on the RSS-DEV Mailing List. Feel free to email the list with any questions regarding RSS that you may have. This is also the place to mail your suggestions or corrections to this namespace.

The following sites also provide more information on RSS:

These sites have RSS tutorials:


This document is maintained by Aaron Swartz on behalf of the RSS-DEV Working Group (as governed by the process document) and kept in CVS.