RSS 1.0 standard modules

RSS 1.0 standard modules and associated documentation.

  • mod_content
  • A module for the actual content of websites, in multiple formats.
  • mod_dc
  • The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set provides some standard metadata elements. These are listed below for your quick reference; be sure to visit the DublinCore site for more specifics.
  • mod_syndication
  • Provides syndication hints to aggregators and others picking up this RDF Site Summary (RSS) feed regarding how often it is updated. For example, if you updated your file twice an hour, updatePeriod would be "hourly" and updateFrequency would be "2". The syndication module borrows from Ian Davis's Open Content Syndication (OCS) directory format. It supercedes the RSS 0.91 skipDay and skipHour elements.